Bezzera Portafilter Gasket


The portafilter gasket is a component expose to the most wear and tear.

It's affordable and can be replaced by the user easily.
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Bezzera Portafilter Gasket

Recommended to be replaced every year, or when the gasket hardens or cracks.

We will not be responsible or able to advise if the Bezzera Portafilter Gasket works with machines not purchased from Fine Coffee Company or our authorised distributor.
Do note that Bezzera/Expobar espresso machines purchased from overseas may be of earlier versions and may not be compatible with the Bezzera Portafilter Gasket.
We are unable to confirm if the gaskets work with 3rd party portafilters and machines from other generic brands. We will not be responsible for any incompatibility.

The following compatibility list only applies to machines distributed by Fine Coffee Company.


E61 Grouphead (8mm):


  • Brewtus Double Boiler with Vibration Pump
  • Brewtus Double Boiler with Rotary Pump
  • Expobar Office Pulsar
  • Expobar Office Control


  • Mitica TOP
  • Mitica TOP PID
  • Mitica
  • Magica
  • Magica PID
  • Galatea Domus
  • Unica


Strega Grouphead:

  • Strega TOP
  • Strega


BZ Grouphead (Manufactured before 2015):

  • BZ09
  • BZ10
  • BZ13

BZ Grouphead (New):

  • BZ09
  • BZ10
  • BZ13
  • BZ16


BZ machines manufactured after December 2014 are provided with a new special gasket for the grouphead, which makes it very comfortable and easy to lock the portafilter.

End users will much appreciate this new upgrade on the “BZ” range, you feel the machine more professional when you fit the filter holder compare to any other machines.

Users may feel it’s not tight, at 6 O’clock lock, but they are sealed.

Still, it will be possible to use either the old or the new gaskets on all Bezzera group machines.


To know your manufacturing date, refer to the back page of your user manual or refer to the labels behind the drip tray.

Bezzera BZ grouphead gasket New

Bezzera BZ grouphead gasket (New version) Notice it’s round.



Please note that although the gaskets are strong under compression, you should never use a sharp tool like a screwdriver to install them. This may tear the gasket. 

We will not be responsible for any damages incurred during the replacement. Gaskets sold are not refundable.

Gaskets sold are not refundable, we are unable to confirm if it works with machines and portafilters from other brands.

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