Arcaffè 2023 restyling

Arcaffè 2023 restyling

A new look

Arcaffè has a new announcement on the 8th of February, 2023, regarding the changes to their coffee brand.

Main highlights

Arcaffè’s history,

arcaffe restyle history

In 1893, the brothers Antonio and Luigi Meschini arrived in Livorno, Italy from Switzerland. Livorno was a bustling city full of business activities and flourishing with tourism. They started a drugstore in 1895 offering colonial goods, and coffee was one of the products.

Introduction of Arcaffè Roma in 1926

The first modern espresso machines were invented by Bezzera in 1901 and cafes started appearing throughout Italy. In 1926, the grand Cafe Roma asked the Meschini brothers to develop an exclusive and high quality coffee blend for them, and that’s how Arcaffè Roma was invented. The Roma remains their best-selling blend in Italy, known for its sweet and delicate chocolatey profile with some flowery notes.

Arcaffè Mokacrema, coffee made after the World War.

After World War 2, Livorna was totally destroyed. The Meschini brothers had to restart, and they decided to focus on coffee. Starting the real branding of Arcaffè and introducing the Arcaffè Mokacrema. The name came from two words. “Moka”, a crucial coffee port in Yemen, and “Crema”, an essential characteristic of Italian espressos.

Coffee Legend Enrico Meschini took over and the creation of Arcaffè Gorgona

In 1986, Enrico Meschini entered the company and became the fourth-generation owner. He has a master’s degree in natural science and was one of the pioneers who seriously looked at coffee in a scientific method. He emphasised the importance that the only way to make coffee was quality. He saw the inconsistency between roasters, misuse and exaggeration of quality was rampant and is still happening today.

In 1988 he formulated his blend, Arcaffè Gorgona. It’s named after one of the important islands in the Tuscan Archipelago. It is where Enrico spends a lot of time there studying birds.

Enrico Meschini, through his capacity, became a prominent character in the coffee scene in Italy. With his thorough and clear understanding of coffee science, he saw the need to standardise the process and was one of the founders of the CSC certification

The CSC certification is currently the most stringent standard that regulates the process of coffee production. From the farm, the processing, the logistics, the roasting, and the packaging up to the final product. It’s tested at every point and also tested at the final product when made into an espresso. It is compared to previous batches to ensure quality and consistency.

He was the international juror of the Cup of Excellence, known as the Oscars of the Coffee industry, where the highest quality coffee in the world is auctioned.

Renewal Arcaffè 2023, a new image

Prunella Meschini, the fifth-generation owner, took over. Prunella is no amateur in the coffee scene. Since she was young, she has accompanied his father, Enrico Meschini, around the world to hunt and monitor the process of making good coffee. She developed her expertise and was focused in the R&D and marketing of their coffee brands.

She decided to revamp the image to make it simpler for customers to understand. As consumers need to know that they are enjoying high-quality, ethically sourced coffee. The packaging pays tribute to the Italian heritage, referencing the Tuscan hills and bright colours to represent the typical Italian spirit.

The label shows the blend’s name, a short tasting profile description and when it was invented.

arcaffe restyle assortment

A new blend called Arcaffè Elba was introduced and named after the largest Island of the Tuscan Archipelago. It’s entirely Arabica with a milk chocolatey profile. Judging from the origins of El Salvador and Mexico, which are known to make good coffee with chocolatey notes, we think it will not disappoint. The Brazilian addition should smoothen it with an excellent finishing touch. We foresee it will be tremendously popular.

New Social Media

A revamp of the website, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin should complete before the end of March 2023.

Arcaffè’s Website

Arcaffè Youtube Channel

Arcaffè Facebook

Arcaffè Instagram

Arcaffè Linkedin

We foresee it will be tremendously popular.

More updates to come

We have gathered some questions for Arcaffè.

Some questions include if Meloria and Giannutri will continue which they have confirmed that they will be removed. The reason is they believe that Margo is more balanced as compared to Giannutri. Gorgona and the new Elba being more chocolatey is much more popular than Meloria.

In any case, we will order more Giannutri and hope that they can last till the end of 2023.

The earliest for this shipment to arrive is likely in Q3, as we have not received news that they are already available for order.


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