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Bezzera history

Why Bezzera?

Bezzera is the oldest Espresso machine manufacturer established in 1901. It is still run by the same Bezzera family. Their factory is located in Milan, on a street named after the founder. They are the industry’s best-guarded secret for many espresso companies to partner as OEM producers for full finished products or for wholesale parts. Being a producer for espresso machine parts, they are able to price lower and offer more value to their customers. They have more than a century of experience to know what’s best for a machine in any setting.

Like a good watch company should have their own movements. Bezzera had advanced and developed their own systems. The BZ range is a remaster of the E61, correcting all the usual technical issues in the mechanical gear and reduce the start up time by half.

The Bezzera Strega is another signature piece of gear, which they have modernized the pump-driven spring pistons to produce a better espresso through a declining pressure profile. At the same time retaining the characteristic of being incredibly reliable.

Over the course of time, the company underwent significant development. Maintaining a constant passion for their work. Has continues today with the fourth generation of the Bezzera family. Continuous innovation and modern transformations have not changed the philosophy and tradition of the company.

The Factory


The company is characterised by a modern production facility in Italy. Where the components and finished products are designed and manufactured on-site. Through the use of state of the art continuous cycle robots and modern numerical control machinery

Bezzera produces professional and semi-professional espresso coffee machines. Exporting its products to approximately 50 countries around the world thanks to a carefully selected network of resellers.

The quality of Bezzera machines has always been the prime objective of the Research & Development Department. Which collaborates with the technical services provided by its resellers for continuous improvement of the products. Periodically implementing technical updates and training on the culture of espresso coffee.

Link to official website: www.bezzera.it



The major challenge when the massive European tourist invasion to Spain gained momentum 1964/65 was to prepare and adjust the hotel- and restaurant trade for this new phenomenon.
Rafael Olaso Peirò was very familiar with this trade and began importing exclusive, innovative and necessary products from Italy for developing the hotel- and restaurant market in Spain.
In 1985, he started constructing an espresso machine which bore the same name as his company – “Expobar” for the hotel- and restaurant market in Spain.
In 1988, Rafael Olaso Peirò presented the espresso machine “Expobar” to the Spanish market. Subsequently, he began exporting to Europe.

Important events in the history of Crem:

Rafael Olaso Peirò founds “CREM A. CAFEXPRESS,S.L.” with his sights set on the international market. This year 650 machines are sold.

The new model “Elegance” brings great sales volumes for Crem.

Crem is developed to one of the largest plants in Gandia’s industrial sector and changes name to “Crem 1”.

Crem moves their location to enable expansion of its production and changes name to “Crem 2”.

The new model “Megacrem”, a new machine range, places the company amongst the foremost producers. Annual sales volume reaches 8,000 machines.

Crem adds another two departments “Crem 3” necessary for work and production. This year 12,000 machines are sold. The new model “Monroc” is developed to meet the market’s demand for a more price competitive machine.

Crem initiates two expansion projects for the American market and forms the two companies “concerning” in Santo Domingo and “CREM USA” in Miami.

Crem strengthens its product portfolio by creating an upper market range. The new models “G-10” and “ELENA” became market leaders. All previous sales records were smashed and an annual sales volume of 22,000 machines were reached. The “Vending” model is developed to cover all demand regarding coffee machines. Crem and Coffee Queen of Sweden start a factory in Shanghai to expand in the Asian market.

Crem merges with the company Coffee Queen in Sweden and jointly forms “CREM INTERNATIONAL”.

Link to official website: https://www.creminternational.com/


Quamar 1

Quamar S.n.c. was established in Altivole, north-eastern Italy, by Mirco Martignago and Luca Quagliotto in 2000.
The company gained recognition immediately and was the appointed supplying partner for the leading brand in the market.

In 2005, Quamar decided to run independently and started producing products of its brand. They expanded in 2010 and began to build all components in-house or, in some particular cases, to outsource them from local companies, which guaranteed direct supervision over each processing step.

Quamar 2

What makes the Quamar brand unmistakable is the high-quality design of its products. Compact shapes, top functionality, rounded, clean lines, and a wide range of colours are Quamar’s distinctive marks today as they were yesterday.

Link to official website: https://www.quamar.com/


Pulicaff, a subsidiary of Asachmici group, was created in Italy in 1961. Asachimici itself has been a leading player in detergent producer since 1890. They owe their success to their quality and innovation, catering to international demands.

In 1960, with the rise of espresso machine usage, the industry was looking for suitable cleaning kits that are suitable.

Asachimici worked together with a high number of companies that manufacture espresso coffee machines and was tasked to be the first company responsible for producing detergents specialising in cleaning coffee equipment and frothers. Asachimici through its chemical laboratories successfully invented the first specialised cleaning agents and constantly improve its formula, remain as the leading market leader

Thanks to Asachimici world patents, Puly Caff powder and tabs and Puly milk liquid, entirely remove scale residuals from scaled parts. At the same time protects all the parts that are in contact with the brewer to guarantee the pureness “beyond cleaning” in the respect of organic qualities of Classic Espresso and the Original Italian Cappuccino.

To ensure the world a perfect performance, Asachimici through its chemical technicians of the C.S.A.S (Special Applications Research Centre), had submitted Puly Caff and Puly milk to severe tests following an NSF International standards by strictly using raw materials certified at the origin by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The test results were absolutely positive and  Asachimici obtained NSF full conformity of certification.
Constant and significant technological progress achieved by their experts allows Puly CAFF NSF’s and Puly milk NSF’s maximum achievement in terms of quality assurance avoiding any health hazard. Therefore, able to achieve full compliance to the CE new legislative and international laws

Link to official website: https://www.asachimici.com and https://www.pulicaff.com

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