Technical Support

Away Notice: We will be away from July 25th to August 6th. During this period, no sales or services will be rendered. Please place your orders in advance to avoid disappointment. Due to homologation, availability of compatible spares, the difference in variations or components, technical conditions and  & other limitations.Fine Coffee Company may not be … Read more

Double Boiler Versus Heat Exchanger

A commonly question raised by many is, “Should I get a double boiler or a heat exchanger?”.In many cases, it depends on the user’s consumption level and expectations. This is the double boiler. A double boiler has two boilers on a single machine. Each boiler for a specific function. One is the brew boiler, set … Read more

Copper Boiler For Espresso Machines?

In ancient time, men had understood something about copper. When they found vessels made of the material kept better quality water, with no slime or no distortion. Safe For Drinking? Copper has natural Antimicrobial properties to kill or inactivate 99.9% of microbes, such as bacteria, fungi (including moulds), and viruses. That even includes the potent and … Read more

About Expobar

THE HISTORY OF CREM  The major challenge when the massive European tourist invasion to Spain gained momentum 1964/65 was to prepare and adjust the hotel- and restaurant trade for this new phenomenon. Rafael Olaso Peirò was very familiar with this trade and began importing exclusive, innovative and necessary products from Italy for developing the hotel- … Read more

About Bezzera

Bezzera is the oldest Espresso machine manufacturer still existing today. Over the course of time, the company underwent significant development, maintaining constant passion for this work, which has continues today with the fourth generation of the Bezzera family. Continuous innovation and modern transformations have not changed the philosophy and tradition of the company, which proudly … Read more

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