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How to use a real espresso machine?

Applies to all models except Bezzera BZ09, Unica, Strega and B2013 AL
For full cleaning process, please refer to product instructions.

Clients who wish to try the machines can make an appointment to visit the Experience and Service centre. (The E&S centre is fully for educational purpose, no sales are done onsite. An appointment must be made in advance


Most espresso machines should always use a water softener, please refer to this article. Water softening

  1. If you need help choosing a machine, please use the machine guide: How to choose the right espresso machine.
  2. A simple guide on how to use the machine is available from New Starter’s Guide.
  3. Want to know the differences between an automatic coffee machine, manual espresso machine and professional coffee machine? The Expert’s Guide To Buying Coffee Machines

Premium Coffee Maker

 Bezzera Espresso Machine

E61 Conventional Grouphead

Traditional E61 groupheads, trusted by baristas for over 50 years.

Bezzera Espresso Machine

BZ Thermal Efficient Grouphead

A remaster of the E61s with up to 60% lesser start-up time, faster recovery, smaller footprint, better serviceability, better value with the same performance.

Bezzera Espresso Machine

Spring Lever Grouphead

Legendary espresso machines that can outlive you with proper care, easily produce the best quality shots.

Bezzera Bundled Deals

Expobar Espresso Machine

Pre-Infusion Grouphead

Affordable E61 architectures modified with longer pre-infusion.

Bezzera Professional Espresso Machine

Spring Lever Grouphead

Classic machines that can last a long time.

Coffee Grinders


We had been advised by various partnering brands to remind buyers that only official distributors stock full sets of original spares, with the appropriate training for servicing and repairs. We are aware of unauthorized retailers passing off as official sellers selling on social platform and various websites. We will not be responsible or able to provide full support for any imitations, grey imports or products retailed from unauthorized distributors due to incompatibility of parts with machines of different versions assigned to various markets. 
Grinders normally fail from using coffee that had not been properly destoned. Users are encouraged to purchase beans from established roasters who have their coffee properly sourced and destoned to prevent damage to their grinder. 

Roasted Coffee Beans and Powder


Maintenance services

Good espresso machines are similar to well-crafted watches.

They are carefully engineered according to hydrodynamics and thermodynamics to bring out the best flavours from your coffee.

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