Coffee Consumption and its Impact on Kidney Disease: A Meta-Analysis

Coffee Consumption and its Impact on Kidney

A Meta-Analysis On Coffee Consumption and its Impact on Kidney Disease.

Coffee consumption is an integral part of many people’s daily lives, but how does it affect our health? A new meta-analysis of the latest research involving more than half a million people on coffee consumption and its impact on kidney disease has revealed some new insights. In this blog post, we will explore how caffeine affects the kidneys and how much coffee is too much. Can patients with existing Chronic Kidney Disease drink coffee? This research will answer it all. So, let us get started!

Coffee Consumption and Reduced Risk of Kidney Disease

Coffee, a widespread beverage with an astounding 500 billion cups consumed annually, has become a mainstay of many people’s everyday lifestyle. Despite some known ill consequences (irritability and lack of sleep) which may be attributed to its consumption, it is believed that two or three cups of this popular drink are considered safe.

This famed beverage is also recognized for containing antioxidants and antinflammatory agents, giving it potential to curb cancers, as well as bring down clotting levels. In addition to these benefits, research has uncovered correlations between drinking coffee and decreased risks of acquiring kidney illnesses, elevated mental proficiency and energy levels.

Given its powerful character and ability to alter bodily functions, one may be doubtful in regards to the harm that arises if coffee is overused. Does over-indulging in this beverage cause any damage to the body’s main filtration systems – our two kidneys?

Recently, a meta-analysis was conducted on coffee intake and kidney disease. The study found that those who drank one cup or less daily had a 13% decrease in risk of developing kidney disease. In contrast, those drinking two or more cups experienced even better improvement, an 18% decrease in risk for kidney disease development. So rather than suspecting that coffee could stress the renal, the statistic shows that it has some beneficial effect on coffee drinkers instead.

Linked to Lower Risk of Disease Progression in Patients with Existing Kidney Disease

What about those who have already been diagnosed with kidney diseases?

The study shows that drinking any amount of coffee was found to lessen the risk of further development to end-stage kidney diseases, requiring dialysis treatment by 18%. The result shows no significant difference in whether the patient drinks just one cup or more. This meta-analysis provides strong evidence that coffee may protect against kidney disease progression.

The meta-analysis has also connected coffee consumption to a decrease in the chances of having albuminuria – a protein found in the urine associated with the declining condition of kidneys.

The research also shows that coffee drinkers have observed a 28% lessened risk of passing away due to Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD) compared to people who don’t drink coffee.


In conclusion, the recently concluded research studying the impact of caffeine on kidney ailments has yielded vital results. Ingesting coffee in moderate proportions might reduce the chronic adverse medical outcomes linked to kidney non-functioning. The investigation has revealed that coffee drinkers are more likely to evade chronic kidney disease (CKD), slow down deterioration in cases of CKD, and prevent lethal cases of renal failure compared to those who abstain from its consumption.

Nevertheless, while these findings are promising and supportive, it is necessary to note that this review does not assert that drinking coffee is the cause behind these effects. It can be possible that other components – for example, one’s diet habit and way of life – may also considerably influence it. Nevertheless, this investigation has presented valuable information on the potential health benefits of java and proposes fresh opportunities for further investigations about the correlation between caffeine and renal health.


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