Restaurant, Cafe and Office Inflation Special Deal

Inflation Special Deal

As inflation increase and the powering power of consumers gets lower, many companies have fallen into hard times. Here, we introduce our Inflation Special Deal.

Who will this benefit?

Mainly restaurants, cafes, offices or startups.

Offices wishing to adopt a cheaper or better coffee solution for their staff to improve efficiency or want to improve service with a proper coffee machine.

Restaurants or bistros who wish to introduce barista-quality coffee to their menu or open up a smaller coffee kiosk or counter.

The special deal below was only available for our affiliated business partners or VIP organizations. We are now offering it to any company.

Special Deal

What can we offer?

You can own a professional Bezzera Espresso Machine at a very steep discount below the cost price.

This is what you will get.

  1. A Bezzera espresso machine at a steep discount below our cost price.
    • No form of warranty is provided, and you will be as charged for any repairs or services when needed as we are selling below cost. However, note that the chance of a machine breaking down within a year is less than 5%.
    • All repairs or services done in the first 2 years enjoy 20% off.
  2. Free coffee training.
    • On the basics of making espresso by our coffee specialists, who can guide you on most coffee matters.
    • Learn how to clean the machine most simply and quickly.
  3. Some basic cleaning agents which should last you 6 months to a year.

What’s the condition?

We want to make this offer available only to companies, not individuals using it for home.

So we have a small condition which is easily achievable for establishments.


An advance payment for a non-refundable deposit. The amount for the deposit is equivalent to the machine’s price and can be used solely for purchasing coffee or accessories within 2 years. The non-refundable deposit is strictly not allowed to be used for other purposes, including:

  • repairs
  • purchase of other coffee machines or grinders
  • courier fees
  • service charges
  • maintenance or inspection services

To illustrate an example:

An espresso machine model retailing for $2299 could be offered at below cost $1499.

The amount payable will be

  1. The Espresso machine $1499.
  2. A non-refundable $1499 deposit for purchasing coffee or accessories.

Total amount: S$2998 upfront, and you have $1499 of credit.

You can use this credit to maximise your savings by purchasing our bulk-pack coffees which are at a razor-thin margin or use it for purchasing accessories.
Any unused credit will be forfeited after two years.

Our top-selling Arcaffe Margo is selling at $155 for 6 kg, equivalent to $25.83 per kg.
With $1499, that’s about 58kg of coffee which is easy to use up in an office or restaurant environment.
Coffee is a consumable you will need to purchase so there are no extra losses to you.

How can we apply for this offer?

Please email:

Providing the following information.

  1. Name of registered company:
  2. Person to contact:
  3. Business address:
  4. When do you need the machine?:
  5. How many machines do you need?
  6. Do you need also need a coffee grinder?
  7. Model of machine you prefer (Optional):
  8. The estimated amount of coffee used in a month (Optional):

We will email you the cost of the machine and let you know if you are eligible.
Due to the overwhelming response, we may not have the preferred model available.

When will the offer end?

This depends on the amount of inventory we have and the market’s conditions. We do not have any tentative end date at the moment.

Can this offer be extended to overseas?

We can’t provide any technical support overseas. You must look for a forwarder to send the machine and coffee. We will not be responsible for any damages during transit.
We suggest ordering only if you have technical expertise or can find a technician to provide service for your machine. So far, we have sent it to nearby Batam and Malaysia. In most countries, users can find their technician, and they sought us out for spare parts if necessary.

We will also not be responsible for any taxes or duties that may incur, particularly for coffee beans.

Are you making any losses from this?

Yes definitely. We are expected to lose monies from operation costs running the offer.

What do you gain?

We believe that companies that can survive the crisis will emerge stronger, and we will appreciate a stronger client. Most B2B who have tried us will stick with us for long term.

We also wish that there’s a wider adoption of high-quality made-in-Italy coffee machines and Italian coffee, We would appreciate you spreading the word about our company, Fine Coffee Company.

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